The Missing Link

I’ve had a long battle with a barking knee. It started giving me grief last year about a month after the Haliburton 100 when I tried to train for another 100 possibly too soon. It slowly came around and then I was able to get some solid training in between March to May and felt like I was getting in decent shape. Even during this period though, it still felt like there was something there and just not quite right. Then, I had a pretty bad flareup while race directing with the set up and tear down of the course…


  1. w00t! Welcome to the hip flexor & psoas stretching club. I mentioned in one of my TP log updates that I try and do a set of walking lunges post run. Reason is that I really find it helps with this specific problem (something to consider). Hip Flexor ART really hurts and tickles.

  2. Yes, I’m pretty pleased to finally be at the root of the problem. When the problem is so far removed from the pain it makes things that much more confusing.

    Putting the lunges eventually back into my routine once things settle down further will be good. I had originally kept them out due to the knee pain.

  3. It always amazes me how such a small subtle imbalance in the body can lead to serious/long term injuries…Then again, I suppose getting old doesn’t help either!

    If you thought running was a solo sport, think again…I credit my ‘fast’ achilles recovery over the past weeks to my TEAM of therapist…not just one guy, but 3 in fact (massage, physio, chiro – my chiro does ART and Graston), all working together to get me patched up – I suppose that the final link is that we still need to do our part which includes doing our homework, and of course, being patient 😉
    Psyched to hear that you are back on track Derrick!

  4. Thanks to your consistency with rehab over the winter, you’re in the perfect place now to turn this around quickly. So exciting, can’t wait for both of us to finally be back having fun with our training and racing soon.

  5. Who you callin’ old Phil? 😉

    Totally agree about the Team approach. As I’ve found with the past 9 months, one person looks at it one way and another person another way. I’m pleased with the clinic I went to will have all of the above within one building.

    Congrats again on the CR last weekend, and good luck with your buildup to CDR.

  6. Sara…Yes, is great that we both seem to be on the same page heading forward again. The only thing worse than one injured runner in the house is two injured runners. Glad that may be behind us both soon :)

  7. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see what your next adventure will be!

  8. I was actually calling myself ‘old’…haha! Sorry for the confusion there big guy 😉

  9. Hey Derrick,
    What great news! I’m thrilled for you and I hope I can grow up to be just like you someday. You’re pretty damn good for farty-far. Teehee. Anyway, it’s really, really great news Derrick.
    Thanks for all your support!
    K. :)

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