Fit For Two TV Interview

Brock Pickens from Fit For Two TV interviewed me last week, asking questions about snowshoe running, ultra marathons, nutrition, my streak and if the Bruins will win the Stanley Cup this year.

Check out Fit For Two TV regularly as they cover a wide variety of fitness, health and nutritional topics.


  1. Good interview!

  2. Dad and Mom says:

    Congratulations, on a great interview, we really enjoyed it.

  3. Great interview.

    Also sorry about last nights game. The Kings suck this year but seem to own the Bruins. I think that is 5 wins in a row. ha!

  4. Ha yes. Tough night for the Bruins. At least I can almost guarantee that they won’t meet in the playoffs.

    Sorry to hear about HURT. Hope you’ve bounced back well since.

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