Snowshoe Run & January Training Update

A couple of days ago we had the biggest snowfall of the year so far with a pretty substantial snowstorm. All of my routes are now kind of plugged up with snow again and I’m back to doing all runs on snowshoes…which is fine by me.

I’ve been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much time to post my training update or thoughts for January, so decided to do this mid snowshoe run with the following videos. It was just an amazing day on the trails and I found myself not wanting to stop. This is the best that I’ve felt since being sick before Christmas and I keep wanting to go further and further with each run.

Check out the beautiful trail conditions. My videos don’t really do it justice.

January Training Summary
Jan total # of hours – 37:36
Jan total # of runs – 42
Jan ave per day – 1:12:46
Total # of hours this year – 37:36
Streak (# of consecutive days of running) – 7,708 days
Training Log Link
Comments: Great to be past that nasty cold that I had over Christmas and in early January. I’ve also put behind me some of the little nigglie aches that popped up after. Everything is feeling pretty good again now and I’m stoked to increase further and start getting some higher volume days in again.


  1. Totally beautiful. It sure is nice traveling by snowshoe. I sure am enjoying mine. It was a little deep yesterday a real learning lesson for me. I finally climbed a fence yeah. Happy Trails. B

  2. I live in very southern Ontario and never considered buying snowshoes until the last ( Groundhog day )snowstorm. :)

    Enjoy your snowy trials

  3. Buttons,
    Great to hear that you’re getting out there in them. It’s just been an amazing year. Congrats on the fence.

    Hope you’re enjoying the snow. Great fun to snowshoe run in.

  4. That last video is magical. So pretty, just a snowshoe dream.

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