Bowling Injury

Not unlike my bowling form last week

Who would have thought that a couple of frames of bowling would have me limping around for the better part of a week? Certainly not this kid!

In all fairness, I had irritated my hips a bit when I was setting the course for the Dion Switzerville Red Barn Snowshoe Race last month. The icy conditions and constant breaking through the snow left me feeling pretty sore for a few days. I bounced back from that okay though, only to have them a little less than impressed with me again from the uphill snowshoe running we did in the Adirondacks last weekend.

I slowly started to feel better after last weekend and even had inserted a big recovery week into my training schedule. With it being March Break, I had actually planned to take Brennan and Heather skiing, but the weather didn’t cooperate. I was actually a little concerned that the skiing might have been an issue with my body, but it never really occurred to me that tossing a few bowling balls down an alley would have my hip barking as bad as it is. I mean, I do have a wicked Fred Flintstone windup when it comes to bowling and my high score of 136 must have many of the pros shaking in their fashionable bowling shoes. However, getting injured from bowling is just plain wrong. Bowling is not a sport, but a skilled leisure activity along the lines of golf, curling and darts.

The one thing that this has taught me is my need for increased core strength. I have been good about certain preventative exercises since my knee injury last year, but haven’t been as committed as I should have been with regards to core. I’ve started focusing on this much more now and have noticed some improvements already. I’ve also been using the Tanda and Zanagen a lot which has helped too.

I do think that within the next few days I’ll be back running more again, but just to be on the safe side, I’ve booked a physio appointment with physiotherapist extraordinaire Stacee Smith for Thursday. I fully expect this appointment will hurt like hell, but I know it will help to speed up the whole recovery process. Besides, the bit of pain that will be inflicted will be a good reminder of what an idiot I am for getting injured while bowling and how much more of an idiot I am for having such a weak core to allow for this.

Johnny was also so kind to point out that I hurt myself the last time I went bowling too. I guess some of us just never learn.

Yabba Dabba Doo!


  1. slowrunner says:

    hmmm – you are NEVER allowed to complain about me and my crossfit again!!

  2. Noted Kendra. Though I’d say that bowling is far more physically exhausting than crossfit.

  3. Seriously thought it was deja vu when I saw this post, was it a year ago to the day… but it was hamstrings last time – silly boy, get on those planks, a chiro appointment may not hurt either.

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  5. Gawd…that’s funny. Never occurred to me, but looks pretty close to the day. Yup, lots of planks. Feeling better each day, but looking forward to Thursday’s appt.

  6. Hey Derrick 136 seems high to my 80 last time I went but I guess that is how you injured yourself you were working real hard. I love Fred and those bowling injuries do hurt that is why I do not bowl. Not just because I am really bad at it and they kicked me off the team Ok maybe the injury was not the problem.
    Just kidding take care of yourself OK. Leave bowling to the professionals you know the ones who make it past 150. B

  7. bowling injuries … damn thats got to hurt

  8. Buttons, the frustrating thing about bowling is that you have a couple of good shots (rolls, pitches, bowl movements….whatever the heck they’re called) and you think you’re actually better than you are. Then of course it’s followed up with a gutterball or two. Annoying game indeed and one that I don’t think I really want to risk further injury going after that elusive 150. I get the impression that you can relate.

    Chris….stay away from the alley. Bad things happen there!

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