Frontenac Park: Slide Lake

The Devil's Gorge

Frontenac Park is a very special place. Slide Lake features some of the most rugged, remote and technical trails in the park. The footing can be a real challenge, so we sometimes don’t find ourselves running there as often as the north end of the park. When we do run Slide Lake though we are always wowed by it’s beauty.

We did a long run there yesterday and no matter how hard or how easy you run Slide Lake, it is tough. The mud and blowdowns from the recent storm added to the adventure, and challenge of the run.

Sara brought our camera along and snapped quite a few photos along the way. We put them in this little montage for you to get an armchair view of some of what Slide Lake has to offer.

Enjoy! We sure did!


  1. Thanks for this :) I was just thinking this weekend about how much I miss Frontenac! Such a great park… blows away anything here in Cape Breton for runnable trails!

  2. where is this park you speak of again???

  3. I think I blogged about something similar recently.

  4. Matt,
    Yes, pretty tough to beat Frontenac. Hope you’re doing well.

    The snowshoe running is good there too.

    I thought I read something similar recently.

  5. Derrick I love this Slide Lake you speak of I don’t know about the running part but I would definitely spend hours and hours exploring it. Just me, my camera, and my thoughts. The rocks are gorgeous and the water so beautiful. Thanks for this I have to head of to my bush now, you have inspired me. I love your song choices. B

  6. Thanks Buttons. An amazing place to just ‘be’. A bit of a hike to get into, but well worth it. Probably a little closer to go in on the Rideau Trail from just north of Perth Road Village. Let us know if you ever need directions or maps.

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