May Training Update

May was a really solid month of training for me and has me pumped going into the summer. My daily average run got up to the highest it’s been in quite a while to just a shade under 2 hours per day. My body has felt very comfortable running this as it has been a gradual buildup with recovery weeks thrown in regularly. Long runs are starting to feel a bit more comfortable now and I look forward to increasing them further.

I was also able to put in a small phase of speedwork that included some km repeats on the Cataraqui Trail. My times for these workouts were somewhat disappointing originally, while comparing them to workouts that I did when I was racing shorter distances when I was younger. I do feel that I got a good benefit from it though in terms of stride efficiency and turnover. Each week progressed nicely from the week before too. I’m not too sure if I’ll be continuing with shorter interval workouts, as I do feel that I need to increase my volume more for the races that I have lined up.

Sara and I have firmed up our racing plans for the season now with the following events planned:

Finger Lakes 50 Mile (July): Looking forward to going back to run this race again after a mudfest a few years ago.
TransRockies 6 day 200km Stage Race (Aug): Thanks to a contest at, which Sara won, we will be heading to Colorado!
Haliburton 100 miler (Sept): My personal favourite race. Can’t wait to spend a day running in the Haliburton Forest again after missing last year.

TransRockies in particular is going to be an awesome experience. Sara and I have wanted to run this race for years and now have the opportunity to. We will be running together during this 6 day event in the mixed team category. What better way is there of seeing these breathtaking Colorado views?

Healthwise, I have felt really good all month. The strength that I have gained from all of the rehab I’ve been doing this past year has my hip/knee issue from last year as all but a distant memory. I’m good as long as I keep up with my regular routine and the occasional trip to physio. The only little glitch I’ve had recently is a slightly sore metatarsal on my right foot. This popped up as what I thought was stepping on a rock while outside barefoot. It’s lingered on and I had Stacee, our physiotherapist, take a look at it. She felt that a few of the bones in my foot had dropped slightly and were causing the pain. She adjusted my foot and gave me some additional rehab to do on it at home. Anytime you have a little niggly, it is concerning, especially when coming back from a year of injury. I do think that as long as I’m careful, it will be fine. I am due for a recovery week, so the timing isn’t bad and I’ll give it a little extra pampering to start the month of June.

May by the Numbers:
May total # of hours – 61:55
May total # of runs – 48
May ave per day – 1:59:50
2011 total # of hours – 235:58
2011 total # of runs – 212
Streak (# of consecutive days of running) – 7,827
May Training Log


  1. Oh Colorado sounds exciting and beautiful. Take some photos to share I would love to see them.
    I understand the niggly thing. Glad your healing is near completion and you are almost back to normal.
    Sara and you are going to do great. B

  2. Finger Lakes should be a fun one to go back to. Is Sara running it also?

    Winning the Trans Rockies was Great Luck and could not have been won by a more deserving person…and her husband;-)

    Re your foot- you’ve been reading Gary’s blog haven’t you? I told you runner’s injuries can be transmitted through the internet didn’t I? In the future try reading the blogs of healthy people only. BTW, I will be avoiding your blog for a day or 2 til you heal up100% just to be on the safe side.

  3. Buttons,
    Will try to take some photos, but not sure how much of a chance we’ll be able to while racing. Can’t wait!

    Yes, Sara is racing too.
    I’ve often thought of the virtual injuries too. Reading too much about Gary, Adam, George, Reid and Krupicka I guess.

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