Review: La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0

The new La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0

Having been a long-time member of the La Sportiva Crosslite Fan Club, I was a little surprised to see the release of the Crosslite 2.0 this spring. Afterall, I have run through 15 pairs of the original Crosslite, loved them, never blistered during a 100 miler with them and just couldn’t think of a way to improve upon them.

It was comforting to hear that both were still going to be in the La Sportiva line, but that still left me a little confused about why both were needed. That is, until I spent a number of trail hours in the 2.0’s.

The first thing that stuck out when I first slipped them on was that the 2.0 had a slightly different fit. They were a little wider in the forefoot, had more height in the midfoot, and a slightly deeper heel.  This extra room would certainly appeal to those with a wider foot or higher instep who might not have been able to wear the originals. The added depth in the heel counter is the part of the fit that I appreciated the most as I found it gave me a more secure fit in the heel on long uphill climbs.

After 50 hours of muddy trail running fun, this pair is still going strong.

Once I got running in the Crosslite 2.0’s, the biggest differences in the performance of the shoe really shone through. The midsole of the 2.0 seemed to be considerably softer than the original; both in the rearfoot and forefoot. Even with the added cushioning in the midsole, I was surprised at how well the 2.0’s flexed right out of the box. This was something that I found took a few runs before the originals flexed the way that I liked them to.

Even with the added cushioning, I didn’t find that I felt like I was up too high or unstable at all while running in the 2.0. This was probably partially due to having a lower heel drop of only 8 mm; compared to 10 mm in the original Crosslite. The rearfoot stability was also enhanced in the 2.0 with the addition of an external heel stabilizer. For heel strikers, this rearfoot support would be another welcome addition, however even though I am more of a midfoot/forefoot striker, I found the added stability to be very helpful on traverses.

The best traction available for running on snow or mud.

There is nothing different in the outersole in the Crosslite 2.0, as it offers the same exceptional traction as the original in all surfaces with the use of FriXion. So, the big question is, why would someone want to go with the Crosslite 2.0 over the original Crosslite? The short answer would be: Don’t. Instead, use them both. They have their own individual strengths that they make a great 1-2 (2.0) combination.

While, I still do not think that the Crosslite 2.0 will entirely replace my beloved original Crosslites on all of my runs, they have certainly given me a little more protection for my feet and body on days that I may need just a little bit more than the originals. All at a slightly lighter weight at only 10.7 oz.

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  1. I also love the original crosslites, except my feet eventually break through the sides of the toe-box because they are too narrow. On my fifth pair, but I will try the 2.0 for sure.

  2. I think you’ll really like the fit and durability of the 2.0’s Digger.

  3. I have them both now and love them equally, I just feel guilty when I take one out to play and leave the other at home. So what is the choice going to be for FL50?

  4. Great review, Derrick, I have to concur with you on all your points about the features. I have a wider forefoot, so prefer the fit of the 2.0 vs the originals. I also like the added cushion and the heel stabilizer, but I’m a heel striker. Overall, for me it made what was a very good shoe into a great one.
    I would note that despite having an updated upper material, it still blows out at the toe flexion point after ~75-100 miles. (this may vary depending on your stride) That said, there is a dual layer of fabric there, and I have never had an issue with gravel etc getting into the shoe.

  5. At first I didn’t like them as much as crosslites, but now I almost like them better. Or maybe a tie. I like that they are easier to get on, lighter, and have the same amazing traction as the crosslites. I have the women’s version.

    David, that’s funny about feeling guilty, like they are dogs. Maybe EJ Will do an URG about that.

  6. Strider,
    Good point about the guilt. Feel that way too. Sara mentioned it on her blog that unfortunately it looks like we won’t be going. Both still pretty sick. Would have probably worn originals, as they’re newer, but was still pondering.

    I’ve found the 2.0’s a little more durable in the upper, I expect mostly due to the width.

    Same here. The more I wear them, the more I’ve found myself wearing them….and liking them. I’ve liked them on runs from our house as the first/last 2km is on dirt road so the extra cushioning is nice.

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