Gear Review: La Sportiva Quantum

The La Sportiva Quantum featuring the new MorphoDynamic system.

Upon first look, I was prepared to think that the La Sportiva Quantum would not be a shoe that I would necessarily go to all that often. I have always liked the basic, low to the ground profile and exceptional traction of the Crosslites, so I thought that this was going to be a huge deviation for me. The sole design of the MorphoDynamic system seemed like it was going to be a bulkier and less responsive ride. Boy was I wrong.

While there is a little more shoe in the Quantum (at 12.9 oz, it’s not as light as the Crosslite series or the Xcountry), the thing that really surprised me was that it didn’t feel heavy or bulky.

Right out of the box, the exceptional cushioning was the first thing that I noticed. This felt a little foreign compared to what I was used to in the Crosslite. The thing that really surprised me though was that the Quantum felt like it was supporting my foot with a little more shoe, but allowed my foot to roll naturally, almost the way, dare I say, that a minimalist shoe does…except with much more protection.

The MorphoDynamic system offers great shock absorption, traction and excellent flexibility.

The glove-like fit of the upper further enhanced my feeling of running in the shoe, and not on top of it. Furthermore, the unique rippled sole not only provided exceptional shock absorption, but also offered surprisingly good traction on all but the muddiest of trails, where the Crosslite can’t be beat.

I am shocked that I’ve been going to my Quantums much more often lately. The added cushioning has been very welcome on days that my body is tired and needs an extra little pampering. Though, on days when I’ve felt like picking up the pace and running hard, the Quantums haven’t felt like they’ve been out of their element at all, and allowed a responsive, surprisingly smooth ride while keeping my foot at one with the ground.

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This pair of Quantums now have 45 hours of running completed in them. They have held up extremely well and have many more hours of running in them still.



  1. Hi Derrick;
    I’m going to give them a try. As you know, I lost the last few months of this season due to injury trying to run in New Balance Minimus shoes. No grip! I love the Crosslites, but I’ll try the quantums.

  2. The Quantums don’t have quite the grip of the Crosslites in slick mud, but nothing does. They are still very good. I think you’ll be really impressed with the feel and durability of them. Oh, and you may want to size up about a half size larger than Crosslites. MEC sells the Electron, which I imagine would be similar for sizing.

  3. Do they come with a free ankle tattoo? :)

  4. Absolutely!!

  5. Great review, Derrick. I have to agree with you that these shoes completely exceeded my expectations in their comfort and performance, and I am turning to them more often that I thought I would. I too found that the fit around my foot was tight and had to size up by half a Euro size (42 -> 42.5) so like any shoe, it is best to try before you buy just to make sure.

  6. Yes, this pair I wear and really like running barefoot in them or a thin defeet sock, but I’m going to size up a half Euro size next pair as well for longer runs and slightly thicker socks.

    Hope you’re recovering well!

  7. Wow, I just got my pair, and I don’t remember ever instantly falling for a shoe like this before. They are so comfortable, soft while supportive, and they seem to propel you forward. Amazing.

  8. The more I run in them, the more I like them. The other thing I’ve been amazed about is how durable they are. I’ve got 10hours more out of them than I normally get out of a pair of shoes and they still have plenty of life in them.

  9. Hi, little by little I’m engaging in the long distance and this year I have thought to do a couple of ultra trails and other races between 21-42km. My height is 1.87 m and weight just under 75kg.
    I’d like to try a LaSportiva and I’m doubting between the raptor, wildcat or quantum. What would you recommend to start at a long distance?

  10. Hi Xavi,

    I have run in all three models and liked different things about each for different conditions. The Raptor is a solid shoe that holds up to anything you can put it through (ie. rocky and technical trails). The Wildcat has a similar feel to it, but with a lighter and more breathable upper.

    I’d have to say that my favourite of the three has been the Quantum though. They have a great feel/ride to them. Relatively light for the amount of support in the shoe. The cushioning is also excellent and has held up very well. The Quantum works best on packed dirt and rock. The sole construction of the Wildcat/Raptor (or Crosslite) might be a better choice if you were going to be running on very muddy or snowy trails though.

    I guess so much of it depends on the surface that you were going to be running on as to what I would recommend…in addition to what your favourite current road shoe is too.

    All the best!

  11. I love my women’s Quantums, but I’ve been disappointed to find that the sole is cracking right under the crease behind the toes after only five months of moderate use – I use them mainly as an approach shoe, with a bit of trail running thrown in. Has anyone else had this issue?

  12. lonerunman says:

    Hi Brigette – I’m sorry to hear the sole of your shoe has cracked, it is an odd place for something like that. I presume it is right at the toe flexion point where it is stressed during your stride? I have used my Quantums for ~200 miles of hard trail running so far, with no issues with the black rubber outsole directly. The only thing I have seen on mine is that the black outsole has delaminated (separated) a bit from the yellow MorphoDynamic midsole in a couple of places around the side, and I had to use a urethane glue (ShooGoo or similar) to stick it back.

    La Sportiva’s have a strong warranty against manufacturing defects, so you might try returning your shoes to where you purchased them to see if they can do anything about it. Check out the process and coverage at

  13. I’m on my second pair of Quantums right now and have had no issues with either pair. I got 70hours worth of running out of my first pair, which is a lot of me, and I could have gotten more. The only reason I stopped wearing the first pair was that I wanted a half size larger for longer runs. My second pair now have 30+hrs of trail running in them with no signs of wear. All of my runs are done almost exclusively on dirt trail, with very little road to connect trails. I do hit some rail trail that has stone dust, but nothing harder than that. Just wondering if a harder surface might have been what caused your premature wear?

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