Transrockies, here we come!

Hard to believe that this coming weekend Sara and I will be in beautiful Buena Vista, Colorado to start the 6 day 200km Transrockies run. We have wanted to run this race for a very long time, and now we finally get to…with special thanks to

We’re leaving Friday, so will only have a few days in Colorado before the start of the race. We’re hopeful that the time we’ve spent sleeping in the altitude tent over the past few months will help when we get up to 12,500 feet during the race. You almost never feel 100% confident at the start of a race, and many times feel like there are things that you’d like to do differently, however with last year being such a write-off, we’re very excited to get going and have fun.

The whole team concept, and laid back approach of the race has us thinking of it more as almost like a summer camp as opposed to a race, however this is a race so we’d like to do as well as possible. Sara and I will be running every step together as a team for the entire 6 days, so this will be a great way to experience this beautiful part of the world together. We’ll have some long hours of running during the day. The distances actually aren’t that long, but there will be a lot of vertical. We will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy mountain life while camping each night though. It sounds like we will be royally treated during the race with great food before and after, and all of our overnight gear will be transported to each camp. All we really have to think about is running each day. What could be better?

Updates will be done throughout the race and posted on the Transrockies website. We will have internet access most nights, so will try to post some updates/photos on the SHA Facebook and Twitter pages.

Can’t wait!

Now, the worst part….start packing!


  1. Hope you guys have a blast. Looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. slowrunner says:

    packing early is overrated! you have lots of time! don’t forget your margarita glasses for when you visit memphis joe in the penske truck.
    HAVE FUN and enjoy the scenery! it’s amazing!

  3. Thanks William.

    Kendra…I would have been very disappointed if you hadn’t commented on early packing. Will look for Memphis Joe.

  4. The only thing worse than packing is unpacking when you get home. (Though at least that can wait for several months.)

  5. Karen Spafford-Fitz says:

    As always, you and Sara are soooo inspiring! Will be eagerly awaiting updates!!!!

  6. Thanks Karen. Can’t wait!

  7. Have a great time and I know running together is going to be awesome. I will be thinking good thoughts for you both. Enjoy the view while still keeping that rhythm. I can’t wait to keep reading the updates. Thanks for the site. Safe travels. B

  8. thanks Buttons. We’ll try to keep in touch with updates and photos, but will be limited to what we can do on my iPhone.

  9. Thanks for the blog link.
    Good luck with the race. This is a race I hope to run someday. JD tried to talk me into it this year but with it being a week long it is something that has to be really planned for.

    You guys are going to have a ball with it. Cant wait to hear how the altitude stuff ends up working for you.

  10. Thanks Chris. Good luck at Pikes Peak. Will be fun to compare notes on races.

    Looking forward to seeing how we’re affected by the altitude as well with the goal of learning how to best prepare for future higher altitude races.

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