Dion Frontenac Snowshoe Race – Report and Results

Start of the Dion Frontenac Snowshoe Race

Conditions could not have been better and the competition was fierce at the Dion Frontenac Snowshoe Race. This is the first race in the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series. This was also a qualifying race for the World Snowshoe Running Championships being held in Quebec in March. The top 3 males and top 3 females in today’s race earned a berth to Worlds.

Defending World Snowshoe Champion

Sweet snowy single track

David Le Porho of Montreal put on a snowshoe running clinic by blazing through the 6.7 km course in a time of 27:28. Derrick St John of Ottawa finished second in 29:36 and Gareth Davies, also of Ottawa, was third in 31:38.

The woman’s race was equally exciting with Elizabeth Primrose of Huntsville winning in a fast time of 34:58. Natasha Elliot of Ottawa finished second in 35:28, followed by Monika Owczarek of Toronto in third in 38:08.

Conditions were ideal for the 62 participants who took park on the rolling backcountry trails of Frontenac Provincial Park.

The next race in the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series will be the Frozen Ass Snowshoe Race held on February 5 at the Batawa Ski Hill in Batawa, Ontario.

Please visit our Facebook page for photos. Get Out There Magazine has also posted a Video Report of the race.

Snow flies!



Place First Name Last Name Time M/F City Prov
1 David Le Porho 27:28 M Montreal QC
2 Derrick St John 29:36 M Ottawa ON
3 Gareth Davies 31:38 M Ottawa ON
4 Justin Pozin 32:12 M Toronto ON
5 Eric Kowalik 32:40 M Paul Smiths NY
6 Keith Iskiw 32:44 M Kingston ON
7 Benoit Labreche 33:11 M Trenton ON
8 Christian Belair 33:54 M Summerstown ON
9 Alexander Kelchner 34:15 M Paul Smiths NY
10 Charley Murphy 34:20 M Toronto ON
11 Tim Dewailly 34:24 M Kingston ON
12 Alan Cushman 34:33 M Paul Smiths NY
13 Elizabeth Primrose 34:58 F Huntsville ON
14 Natasha Elliott 35:28 F Ottawa ON
15 Pierre Lesage 36:02 M Amos QC
16 Stephan Mayer 37:01 M Ottawa ON
17 Jack Mulvihill 37:11 M Paul Smiths NY
18 Daniel Chamberlain 37:24 M Kingston ON
19 Graham Ross 37:29 M Merrickville ON
20 Corey Turnbull 37:29 M Jasper ON
21 Sebastian Warner 37:30 M Cornwall ON
22 John McAlister 37:55 M East York ON
23 Monika Owczarek 38:08 F Toronto ON
24 Rebecca Turner 38:17 F Brighton ON
25 Kevin Armstrong 38:31 M Sydenham ON
26 David Kucia 38:46 M Paul Smiths NY
27 Joe Turner 38:52 M Brighton ON
28 Ian Rae 40:13 M Pakenham ON
29 Grant Sutherland 40:30 M Sydenham ON
30 Rick Royce 41:22 M Kingston ON
31 Angela Maciejewski 41:41 F Kingston ON
32 Myra MacDonald 42:12 F Kingston ON
33 Eliza Murphy 42:21 F Sydenham ON
34 Jean Paquin 42:32 F Inverary ON
35 Wes Maciejewski 42:37 M Kingston ON
36 Lindsey Chamberlain 42:38 F Kingston ON
37 Ben Palladino 43:01 M Paul Smiths NY
38 Jim Steele 43:20 M Verona ON
39 Jesse Hrycik 43:29 M Paul Smiths NY
40 Basia Farnell 44:36 M Kingston ON
41 Ed Brand 45:03 M Kingston ON
42 Bob Putzlocher 46:11 M Inverary ON
43 Heather McNie 46:24 F Sydenham ON
44 Alexa Cosgro 46:36 F Paul Smiths NY
45 Jeremy Neven 47:33 M Elgin ON
46 Jenn Ross 47:43 F Merrickville ON
47 Terry Quenneville 47:44 M Cornwall ON
48 Kira McNeely 48:31 F Kingston ON
49 Claire Doule 50:34 F Montreal QC
50 Mark Bouchaert 51:01 M Toronto ON
51 Kelly Wald 51:04 F Barrie ON
52 Audethy Tallack 51:30 F Kingston ON
53 Leanne Moran 54:35 F Kingston ON
54 Lea Anthony 56:30 F Paul Smiths NY
55 Robert Jakes 56:39 M Belleville ON
56 Cheryl Jakes 56:43 F Belleville ON
57 Catherine Reynolds 57:41 F Battersea ON
58 Susan Moizer 58:48 F Merrickville ON
59 Jennifer Cavanagh 66:22 F Ailsa Craig ON
60 Vanessa Neven 66:55 F Elgin ON
61 John Warner 69:06 M Cornwall ON
62 Caitlyn Sparkes 69:30 F Paul Smiths NY


Thanks again for joining us and we hope to see you at the rest of the races in the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series.




  1. What a great day! awesome competition. Thanks again for all that you and Sara do putting on great races and giving the rest of us something to inspire our training in the winter months!

  2. Congrats on a great race in a really stiff fleld. You ran well.

  3. John Warner says:

    Thanks Derrick…..you gave us a fantastic day for snowshoeing! Much appreciated!

  4. Thanks John. Glad that you and Sebastian could make it down again.

  5. Derrick and Sara;

    Thanks for putting on this great event. The weather was perfect! Challenging but scenic course, and great food afterwards.

    Thanks, Rick

  6. Thanks Rick. We certainly lucked out on the weather. Beautiful day!

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