Napanee Guide/Whig Standard interview on YAU

Running with the Pulk on our property


The Napanee Guide and Kingston Whig Standard did an article on my upcoming race at the Yukon Arctic Ultra.

It was kind of funny how it came about as Meghan the reporter called me and asked about doing a story on the upcoming race. Turns out she was asking about dogsled races as she heard that we have huskies (all retired from racing), while I thought she was asking about the Yukon race. We had a laugh over that, but then got our facts straight for the interview.

I had a further chuckle later when reading the article and seeing it referring to me as possibly not being of sound mind. Questionable, I guess. Ha!

The article can be found on the Napanee Guide and Kingston Whig Standard websites.


  1. Nice Glamour Shots!

  2. Ha! Thanks. Next time I’ll grow a long moustache for it.

  3. I like the one with the clouds and trees and the gear in yellow Bubba. Mitts are funny:-) I wear them also but the sight of a grown man in mittens makes me giggle. Do they have strings attached?

  4. Would not go to the North without mitts. Prefer to keep my fingers. Gloves aren’t warm enough. Considering strings actually as they’ll be on and off a lot with eating gels.

  5. Mittens on a string or extreme cold digit protection system.

  6. Good luck Derrick! Keep warm and safe up there. Looking forward to your post race blog.

  7. Okay maybe I am missing your report, I have been known to look directly at things and simply believe that they aren’t there. Would love to know how your race went.

  8. Hi Aliza,
    Been too tired to report yet, but will post soon. Race went well. Finished 2nd in 23:15. Was tough. Pulling pulk with gear. Beautiful course, though 25-35miles between checkpoints. Just on my way home now. Derrick

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