UltrAspire Surge Hydration Pack Review

Having tried a number of hydration packs over the years, without a doubt the UltrAspire Surge is the best that I have used for trail and ultra running.

Coming with a 2 litre bladder, this pack is super lightweight, breathable, has an extremely comfortable fit and has been designed with all the features (some very unique) that trail and ultra runners look for in a hydration pack.

Take a look at the video belowΒ and see for yourself! The UltrAspire Surge is currently available at Spafford Health and Adventure for immediate delivery.


  1. Purple Surge! :)

  2. Hi Kevin. Good news. We have been able to get a small order of purple Surge and will have them in stock next week!

  3. I am psychic Derrick, I sensed that! Going to be hard to not stay a Salomon ‘ho… πŸ˜‰

  4. I said something similar Kevin before I tried UltrAspire.

  5. Hey Kevin….Purple is now in stock!

  6. Thanks Derrick! Clearly the planets are in alignment. I suppose I should get one before the world ends. πŸ˜‰

  7. Al Storie says:

    Hi Derrick:

    I am loving my Surge, I will be running +3 hours on Thursday for my second run with my running pal Surge..


  8. Good to hear Al. You and Surge have a great run!

  9. Running Pals:

    Derrick would only recommend a product he himself really likes and uses, I bought the Surge and am extremely happy, tomorrow I am going on a 32k run and taking my Surge, I can’t wait to go into the trails and try it. I am hoping to get into trail running and some Ultra running, Surge will be a good freind to take along.


    Running Pal AL

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