Update: Downtime

Yukon Bound!!

It seems as though things get a bit quiet on my blog when I’m not training as much or if I don’t have an immediate goal to shoot for. That has been the case for the past little while.

After being sick for Haliburton 100 and dropping out at 44 miles, my initial thought was to find another race asap and utilize all of my hard earned fitness. I had thought about other race distances and events including 50 miles, 100 km and 100 miles. In the end though, things ended up getting pretty busy at Spafford Health and Adventure with organizing races, coaching (regular clients, plus Impossible to Possible Youth Ambassadors) and our online stores sales, so I decided to scrap any immediate race plans.

Not running a fall race was probably a good call though, as I was having issues with my temperamental right achilles tendon, and I felt that it could use some down time. I was still getting out for runs every day, but kept runs to the bare minimum for most of a 4 week period.

This has been one of the few times that I’ve actually stuck to a downtime phase, as many other times I tend to want to force my way through training and ended up getting sick or get a more substantial injury, then am forced to take some real downtime. Obviously, being proactive is a better way to go and am planning to build back into a good training groove starting now.

This is my setup for Tire Running with ‘Bubba the Tire’

The past few weeks I have started to slowly increase my volume, but basically just getting back into a training mindset again, all the while getting excited about my next race.

I am thrilled to be going back to run the Yukon Arctic Ultra 100 again in February. Everything about this race last year I just loved. From the training, to the race, to the beautiful terrain, I have fallen for the Yukon hard. Hopefully, we will have a good winter of snow at home and I’ll be able to get plenty of specific training time in with running while dragging my pulk on snow.

I had planned to begin dragging a tire regularly (2 x per week) as part of my training beginning in November, but just couldn’t wait and did my first tire run on Sunday and felt strong. I think that I’m going into this buildup in a better place both fitness wise, as well as structurally sound, with less injury issues compared to last year.

Aside from starting to ramp things up in training for the Yukon, here are a few other things that have kept me busy lately…

Working the Spafford Health and Adventure booth at Run for the Toad

We organized the Sydenham Fall Trail Run on Oct 14. A wet, but fun day.

I’ve been busy helping to get the i2P Youth Ambassadors ready for this exciting expedition that is taking place now. Click image to check out the Impossible to Possible Botswana website and follow along on this amazing adventure!

We are pleased to announce that there will be 5 races in the 2013 Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Series. New races at Summerstown Forest (near Cornwall) and on the new trail system at the Westbrook Dome Complex.

The Spafford Health and Adventure Online store has expanded and now includes Dion Snowshoes, UltrAspire Hydration Systems, DryMax Socks and S!Cap Electrolytes.

And a few photos from some recent trail time…

Frontenac Park: The Great Rock Loop

Frontenac Park: Slide Lake from the Great Rock

Frontenac Park: My favourite waterfall. From Slide Lake into Buck Lake.



  1. Great pic of Slide Lake.

    It has been a busy few months for sure!

  2. Kinda almost too busy!

  3. Keep us posted on your training Derrick! Going to be an interesting race this year.

  4. Ah, just think if all this rain had been snow!

  5. Oh you are busy I cannot wait to see you run the Yukon Race it was so exciting last year I could not pull myself away. I am so glad you are being able to train without too many injuries to deal with.
    It will snow at least that is what they are predicting I am wishing the same thing for you and I would like to get my snowshoes out for a hike.
    Love your photos anything named ROCK has to be cool. B

  6. Thanks Buttons. It was pretty neat with the Spot Tracker. Just reminded me that I need to renew the membership on it soon before leaving.

    Can’t wait!

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