Red Barn Snowshoe Race – Results

Red Barn Snowshoe Race Start (photo credit: GCZande)

The 5 race Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series wrapped up today with the Red Barn Snowshoe Race, held near Napanee, Ontario.

Joe Turner of Brighton won the men’s race, completing the challenging 7 km course in a time of 40:03. Brian Northan of Guilderland, New York finished second in 41:01, and Keith Iskiw and John McAlister tied for third in 43:44. Gilles Parisien of Cornwall was the top masters male in 44:50.

Rebecca Turner of Brighton won the women’s race in a time of 51:30. Jessica Northan of Guilderland, New York was second in 54:19, followed by Heather McNie of Sydenham in third place in 54:56. Jenn Ross of Merrickville was the top masters female in 58:07.

Joe Turner won the overall title in the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series in the men’s division with a score of 5 points (1 win, and two 2nd place finishes). Sara Montgomery of Yarker won the women’s division of the series also with a score of 5 points (1 win, and two 2nd place finishes). Participants collected points in their top 3 races towards the series scoring. Both series champions received a pair of lightweight Dion Racing Snowshoes.

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Red Barn Snowshoe Race Results:

1 00:40:03 Joe Turner M/O Male Brighton
2 00:41:01 Brian Northan M/O Male Guilderland
3 00:43:44 Keith Iskiw M/O Male Kingston
4 00:43:44 John McAlister M/O Male East York
5 00:44:50 Gilles Parisien M/M Male Cornwall
6 00:45:30 erin mcdougall M/O Male Brighton
7 00:46:41 Graham Ross M/M Male Merrickville
8 00:47:18 Tom Meers M/M Male Kingston
9 00:49:26 Sebastian Warner M/O Male Cornwall
10 00:50:03 Chris Decouto M/O Male Kingston
11 00:50:04 Grant Sutherland M/M Male Sydenham
12 00:51:30 Rebecca Turner F/O Female Brighton
13 00:54:19 Jessica Northan F/O Female Guilderland
14 00:54:56 Heather McNie F/M Female Sydenham
15 00:58:07 Jenn Ross F/M Female Merrickville
16 01:00:29 Gerry Prosser M/O Male Kingston
17 01:01:12 Daniel Lees M/M Male Sydenham
18 01:04:05 william MACDONALD M/M Male amherstview
19 01:06:50 Dean Timbrell M/M Male Ingleside
20 01:08:41 Sandy Richards M/M Male Belleville
21 01:09:56 Agata Szlanta F/O Female Kingston
22 01:10:19 Sylvie King F/M Female Orleans
23 01:11:07 Terri Bolster F/M Female Ottawa
24 01:17:04 Christine Butler F/M Female Aurora
25 01:18:56 Ceri Timbrell F/M Female Ingleside
26 01:22:06 Rose Parent F/M Female orleans
27 01:22:08 Leslie Anne Patry F/M Female Cumberland
28 01:26:43 John Warner M/M Male Cornwall
29 01:29:20 irena tubin F/M Female amherstview
30 01:32:04 Gloria-Anne Richards F/M Female Belleville

Red Barn Race winners Joe and Rebecca Turner (photo credit: GCZande)


Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series Winners Sara Montgomery and Joe Turner (photo credit: GCZande)

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers and sponsors for making this series possible. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Spafford Health and Adventure

Dion Snowshoes

Running Room

Hillside Coffee Company

Canadian Running Magazine

Clif Bar

Spafford Data Solutions




  1. Now that was fun. Thanks for inviting me. I enjoyed watching all the racers cross that finish line. Congratualtions to all I honestly do not know how you do it. You have very hardworking volunteers making everything run so smoothly, they did a great job. The entertainment was awesome. I cannot wait for next year. G

  2. Thanks again for everything Derrick, Sara, family, and all the other volunteers for making the series a great success and a lot of fun! The Red Barn Race was a great way to wrap up the series… loved the fire, soup, smores, and all the great people that came out to take part in the event!

    Thanks also for all of the Grandma Rosie socks!!

    Looking forward to next year!


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