Dion Snowshoes Contest – Winner!

Congratulations to our Dion Snowshoes Contest Winner…

Thank you to everyone who entered the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series Contest for a free pair of Dion 121 running snowshoes.

We thoroughly enjoyed reliving the series of races through your words and what the races each meant to you. The judging panel had a difficult time making a decision, but have declared Jenn Ross the winner of the contest and Dion Snowshoes. Below is Jenn’s submission for you to enjoy once again…

Pace yourself
Atlas snowshoes suck
February 9 2013
Open field
Run with heart
Deep cleat

Heart thumping
Eastern Ontario
Ass over tea kettle
Lost hat
Hydration pack ultrAspire

Winter wonderland
Shortened course (phew)
Too cold for shorts Sebastian
Beer glass
Rosemary’s best socks ever
Outdoor fitness
Kicking ankles

Derrick home YAU100
Iskiw first male
Opportunity seized
Next pair… DIONS

Sara first female
Never again!
Okay, that’s a lie
Walking not allowed
Second place female, me
Hillside coffee
Objective: finish
Experience of a lifetime

Recovery is for sissies
Almost beat my husband
Early to bed

A huge congratulations to Jenn, and thanks again to everyone for submitting your entries. To see all the awesome entries, please check the contest details page or the Spafford Health and Adventure Facebook page.


  1. Congratulations Jenn Ioved that poem. I did enjoy everyone of the entries. I am so happy I was not a judge, I am positive that it was a very difficult decision to make with so many great entries. B

  2. Awesome! Grats JRT!!

  3. Hey, thanks for the spacing help Derrick! That works. I truly can’t say enough to thank both you and Sara for a wonderful snowshoe series. Both Graham and I had a ton of fun and we can’t wait to give it another go next year! I promised to share my new Dion’s with him. Actually, I told Graham (back when I was doing okay for points in the series) that if I won the snowshoes, I would give them to him. Hmmmm…since I didn’t actually win because of series points, does that mean I still have to give them up? I didn’t think so either!

    Thank you for your kind words Buttons and Corey. I’m glad I didn’t have to own the decision either! Tough crowd.

    Winter was fun…now bring on some sunshine and warm weather!

  4. Haha…Nope you don’t have to give them to Graham, but can let him try them once in a while.

    ….though if you make more comments about sunshine and warm weather, we may ask for them back :)


  5. Way to go Jenn!

    Your entry was awesome!

    Enjoy the Dion’s!



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