Ice Storm Running

Ontario was hit hard with a bad ice storm this past week. There are still a lot of homes without hydro. We got off lucky in Yarker and were essentially unaffected, but feel for the people trying to celebrate the holidays without power. Iā€™m sure that in some cases it will be difficult, but in other cases it will be a Christmas filled with many interesting and great memories because of the Ice Storm.

Running can sometimes be a bit of a challenge during this much ice. Our country road was essentially a skating rink at one point, as were our beloved running trails. Armed with hobnails or microspikes though, we had some awesome runs during this time and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of all the ice that covered the trails.

Check out a few of the trails we ran…


And, on a Running Streak note…I had a nice run with Sara on Christmas Day which marked 24 years (that’s 8766 days) of running every day.

Happy Holidays to all!






  1. It doesn’t get much better than winter running when the conditions are good.

    Congrats on your streak. It’s those few seemingly impossible runs each year that you have to find a way to do that makes it so exceptional.

  2. I have to get back out to the trails in your area, looks awesome! 8766 Wow he he he very cool – congrats šŸ˜€

  3. I take it you have stacked your streak to some of the longer streaks, yes?

    That ice … clearly because your humidex. Pretty stuff.

  4. Sar – Yup, usually a few interesting ones each year.

    Kelly – Having a lot of fun running the area snowmobile trails right now.

    GZ – Yes, I’ve looked at how it stacks up to the US Streakers list, but unfortunately can’t be included because I’m Canadian.
    ā€¦.and yes, all about the humidex.

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