Arrowhead 135 – DNS

And, so the race that never happened.

Guess it was bad luck to post a blog earlier this week about feeling great and ready to go for Arrowhead 135. I woke up yesterday with a nasty flu that included fever, chills, sweats and body aches. There’s just so much of it around right now. I hoped that it might not amount to anything, but it got worse throughout the day and I feel pretty crappy today.

The thought of still taking my flight today and hoping for the best on race day crossed my mind, but deep down, I knew that running 135 miles at the best of times is tough, and running it while sick is not smart. The best advice I probably got was from Ray Zahab over a chat yesterday who put the question to me ‘What would you recommend to your coaching clients?’.

So, as disappointing and frustrating as it is, I’ve cancelled my flight to Minnesota. Fortunately, I can still keep the Aeroplan points and use at a later time. I am looking at the possibility of a Plan B race, but want to get healthy first and not have to sink a lot of money into an expensive entry fee.

Thanks for all the well wishes, and good luck to all participants competing in Arrowhead, as well YAU.


  1. Cap, sorry Derrick. Sounds like the right thing to do but none the less frustrating for you.

  2. Ya, what’d you have to go and post that blog for? I purposely didn’t wish you “Good Luck” in fear of causing “Bad Luck”. Next time I think I will wish you “Bad Luck” and a broken leg and maybe that all of your gear get’s lost on route or something like that and see if that works. It really sucks but you are all ready to go and so I hope you find a replacement race or an adventure of your own making.

  3. I feel for you Derrick. I thought of you this morning on my run and thought how tough it would be to run in weather like this for 135 miles. Running it sick would not have been the experience you would’ve wanted. No regrets! I’ve always liked Plan B. All the best Derrick and get well soon.

  4. Sorry to hear this Derrick :( I would be super frustrated too but sounds like the best call to make. Lots of races in the future to be done!

  5. This client ran a Marathon in the Yukon in great conditions with the Flu/Fever and ended up laid up for 4 weeks, two rounds of antibiotics. That was less than 1/5 what you were planning, and you would have been running in much harsher conditions. No brainer IMHO. No way you could race it. My heart goes out to you, but there is always plan B, and C, and D. Just don’t let that streak suffer. However, no doubt it fracking SUCKS!

  6. Following your head instead of your heart is tough…just like you Derrick!

  7. Ev Harding says:

    You need to be 100% to be happy with your race and results….So sorry that this happened Derrick…get well soon…

  8. Get well soon Derrick! I have had the same thing for weeks. I work at the Health Unit and we are seeing so much. Plan B is a great chose! Rest up and get better!

  9. Laurie Sweetman says:

    So sorry.. life sucks sometimes doesn’t it. Praying you get well quickly and that you’re able to be 200% by the time plan B or C comes along!

  10. Tim Vandenberg says:

    Dude, I am so sorry! I know you have been excited, but there is always next year. And look at the upside, all those other runners are relieved now that they don’t have to compete against you 😉

  11. Derrick … it is stupid hard to be the coach to ourselves that we would be to other people. Well done.

  12. Thanks everyone. As I mentioned yesterday, at least I still feel like crap… even after my flight left.
    And I even resisted the temptation to burn all my Arrowhead gear.

  13. If it makes ya feel any better, it’s snowed a couple inches overnight and suppose to drop another 20 degrees tonite!

  14. Thanks Cam. Good luck!

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