Springtime in Frontenac Park

Big Salmon Lake

Big Salmon Loop

Springtime in Frontenac Provincial Park is a wonderful time.

After a long winter with deep snow in the park, it’s always a great first run of spring when you can get back on bare ground. As much as this winter has been such an amazing season for running trails, lakes and snowshoe running, I have to admit that I really enjoyed getting out with only shorts and a t-shirt.

Sara and I were really looking forward to this run and had a hard time deciding which route to run. We expected there to still be a lot of water and mud on certain sections, so decided to run the Big Salmon Lake Loop. Since the service road to Big Salmon Lake is still closed, we ran from the Park Office, taking the Corridor Trail to the loop.

We were very surprised that the trails were in much better shape than we expected. Sure there were some muddy, snowy and wet sections, but hell…this is trail running after all!! We also got to enjoy some of our favourite parts of the park that included lots of soft pine needle trails. The sun was pretty hot today, so the smell of the pine needles made it that much better.

With it being Easter Weekend, there were quite a few people taking advantage of the trails judging by the number of cars in the parking lot, however we still only saw a handful of groups during our run.

Have you got your season pass for Frontenac Park yet? Annual passes just became available and are valid for ALL provincial parks! Don’t delay…it’s going to be a great summer

photo 1

Still ice on Big Salmon Lake

photo 2

Rushing streams

photo 3

Still some snow in places

photo 4

Pine needle trails along Little Clear Lake

photo 5

Little Clear Lake. We decided not to stop for a swim today.


  1. Good to be back there!

  2. Sweet!!! Now I know I’ll be hitting there very soon! I’ll drop you a message.

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