2015 Dion Ignite the Night Snowshoe Race – Results

Wow! What a magical night at the Dion Ignite the Night Snowshoe Race!

144 participants made this the largest snowshoe race ever held in Ontario for this first year event. The race was held at Upper Canada Village, with competitors racing through the night lit by the lights of the village; in addition to their headlamps through the nearby field and trail. Snowshoers competed in the 10km race to earn points in the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series. There was also a 5km race, and  kids run.

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the race. Results will be posted here as soon as they are available. We apologize for the delay, but with so many race day and last minute entries, in addition to technical difficulties with timing a night race in the cold, we are calculating as best as we can (Note: We had twice as many participants as we expected).

A big thank you to race director Gilles Parisien and his wonderful team of volunteers. And a special thanks to Upper Canada Village and all the sponsors who helped to make this race a tremendous success.

Please be sure to sign up early for next week’s Dion Frontenac Snowshoe Race. Race mugs and rental snowshoes are still available, but you need to pre-register asap!

Video report from Get Out There Magazine:



Start/Finish Line

Female top 3

Top 3 Women in 10k

Male top 3

Top 3 Men in 10k


Just before race start


Hockey players turning in their skates for snowshoes!


Some of the Ottawa crew!

*** Please note: There were some issues with timing due to the massive number of last minute and race day entries, people changing events mid-race, and equipment issues. We have sorted through results to the best of our ability. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

5km DION Ignite the Night snowshoe race
1 0:25:57 John Bartello OM
2 0:26:33 Cory Turnbull MM
3 0:28:49 Marc Champagne MM
4 0:29:00 Pierre Alexandre Nadeau OM
5 0:29:05 Jacin Lapointe OM
6 0:29:08 Steve Meyer OM
7 0:32:08 Clifton Ing OM
8 0:32:08 JOHN Boals MM
9 0:33:38 Simone Labrun OF
10 0:35:56 Emilie Larin OF
11 0:36:16 Doug Boeckh MM
12 0:36:49 Lynne Giroux MF
13 0:37:02 Amanda Brandimor OF
14 0:37:06 Jenelle Power OF
15 0:38:09 Sylvie Manaigre OF
16 0:38:31 Ken Konink MM
17 0:38:34 Naomi Stack OF
18 0:35:05 Bill Lister MM
19 0:39:13 Ricardo Campos MM
20 0:39:25 Katie Buell OF
21 0:39:39 Michael Raz MM
22 0:40:05 Wendell Lafave MM
23 0:41:07 Olivia DeCouto OF
24 0:41:08 Chris DeCouto OM
25 0:41:57 KEN Thifault OM
26 0:42:00 Lynn McCuaig MF
27 0:42:28 Miljan Stankovic MM
28 0:42:30 Patricia Harle MF
29 0:42:35 Melissa McGrath MF
30 0:43:28 Michael Reimneitz OM
31 0:43:30 Greg Bailey MM
32 0:43:31 Paul Langevin OM
33 0:43:32 Nicholas Seguin OM
34 0:44:45 Marigold Edwards MF
35 0:44:46 Anita Taylor MF
36 0:44:48 Chantal Lalonde OF
37 0:44:51 Bob Simard MM
38 0:45:01 Dawn Kiddell MF
39 0:46:26 Medrice Jeaurond OM
40 0:46:55 Renee Gobeil OF
41 0:46:37 Jaime Cadorette OF
42 0:49:57 Evan Raz OM
43 0:50:25 John Warner MM
44 0:51:38 Martin Jeaurond OM
45 0:51:49 Tom Harle MM
46 0:52:01 Jacob Jeaurond OM
47 0:52:15 Kelly Morrice MF
48 0:52:35 Donna Magher MF
49 0:53:21 Cheri Timbrell
50 0:54:09 Josee St-Aubin OF
51 0:55:25 Lukas Raz OM
52 0:55:26 Kristi Raz MF
53 0:55:48 Kathleen Hay MF
54 0:55:56 Susan Kersley MF
55 0:55:57 Nicole Houghtaling OF
56 0:57:30 Kelli McRobert MF
57 0:58:09 Laura Beaudette MF
58 0:59:21 Jeremy Lamarche OM
59 0:59:22 Joey Porporo OM
60 0:59:23 Jenna Lamarche OF
61 0:59:24 Bryan Lamarche MM
62 0:59:25 Mike Lamarche MM
63 1:00:46 Monique Branchaud MF
64 1:01:12 Nicholas Branchaud OM
65 1:03:53 Ian Sim MM
66 1:05:25 Janet Edwards MF
67 1:06:20 Ninon Jeaurond OF
68 1:06:22 Melanie Bowen OF
69 1:07:00 Danika-Lee Lavigne OF
70 1:07:50 Myline Levert OF
71 1:11:50 Heather Macleod OF
72 1:18:24 Alison Delinden MF
73 1:18:25 Jennifer Therhault MF

10km DION Ignite the Night snowshoe race (Points for series awarded for 10km race only)
1 0:47:56 Nick Best OM
2 0:52:11 Veronique Fortin OF 1ST
3 0:53:25 Rob Lefebvre MM
4 0:54:35 Chris Belair OM
5 0:56:10 Graham Ross MM
6 0:56:39 Sebastian Warner OM
7 0:57:27 Robin Hardage OF 2ND
8 0:58:05 Mark Williams OM
9 0:58:10 Jayson Terkuc
10 0:58:45 Joe McNamara MM
11 0:59:28 Celine Best OF 3RD
12 0:59:42 Sarah McCullogh OF
13 1:00:35 Richard McCabe MM
14 1:00:39 Dale Witty MM
15 1:02:30 Terry Lauzon MM
16 1:02:31 Rob Allen MM
17 1:03:08 Stephane Lavigne MM
18 1:03:11 Mike Caldwell MM
19 1:03:37 Tom Meers MM
20 1:04:53 Sara Montgomery MF
21 1:05:20 Michael Perras MM
22 1:05:25 Daniel Lees MM
23 1:05:43 Liz Nurse MF
24 1:06:05 Craig McHugh MM
25 1:09:35 Yvon Duval MM
26 1:09:43 Larry Granger MM
27 1:10:19 Joe Albert MM
28 1:10:42 Ian Callan MM
29 1:11:50 Steve Sutherland MM
30 1:13:19 Helen Fortier MF
31 1:13:20 Andrew Bouchier MM
32 1:13:33 Joseph Shipley MM
33 1:13:45 Brenda Ross MF
34 1:14:04 Steve Thompson MM
35 1:15:24 Reba Timbrell OF
36 1:19:00 Jenn Ross
37 1:19:30 Dean Timbrell MM
38 1:21:00 Phillipa Thompson
39 1:21:17 Karen St-Arnaud MF
40 1:23:43 Sue Duval MF

*** Please note: There were some issues with timing due to the massive number of last minute and race day entries, people changing events mid-race, and equipment issues. We have sorted through results to the best of our ability. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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  1. Larry Granger says:

    What a great time. Very well done can’t wait to this next year.

  2. Kelli McRobert says:

    Good food, great location, fun times!

  3. Jaime Cadorette says:

    It was my first snowshoe race and I absolutely loved it!

  4. Mike Perras says:

    Great race! just wondering if and where the final results are going to be posted? I forgot my watch that night :)

  5. Thank you for all the great comments about the race. Glad you had a wonderful time.

    Mike – There were some issues with timing due to the massive number of last minute and race day entries, people changing events mid-race, and equipment issues. We are sorting through things and hope to have results posted asap. Thank you for your patience.

  6. stephane lavigne says:

    how comme its so long to have anny result .

  7. Thank you for your patience Stephane. Please see previous comment.

  8. Results are now posted. Sorry for the delay.

  9. Jayson Terkuc says:

    I am down as no time under the name of Jayson Terbrue. Just wanted to clarify, I finished in a time of 58:10 in the 10km race. I even have my time and race info from my Garmin 910xt as proof if needed. I ran my tail off for that place and am hoping we can fix it in the official standings…. Please.
    Please feel free to contact me at the above email should you need my race data as proof. I was there when the race timing went down.
    Jayson Terkuc

  10. Thanks for the note Jayson, and sorry about the omission. We have updated the results. Congratulations on a great race!

  11. Jayson Terkuc says:

    Thanks so much! See everyone at Frontenac!
    And once again, thanks to everyone who supported this race. It was spectacular!

  12. yvon duval says:

    Toughest race ever it felt like my first 3k were like my last 3 at the Army run, wanted quite after my 5k in and cash the time but that would of hunted me down. Teach me a lesson to try to keep up with the front pack. Glade of my 1:09 Big thanks to all the volunteer, without you guys theres no race.

  13. Michael Raz says:

    My family and I had a great time at the race! For my wife and I this was our second snowshoe race and the first for our two boys. Upper Canada Village looked amazing and the kids are still talking about that train just before the entrance.
    I am hoping however that you can correct a couple of timing errors. You have both myself and my son down near the end of the pack (5km race). I realize that there was a bit of confusion at the finish with all the people coming through. Our times (based on our watches) are:

    Michael Raz 39:39 (Garmin Connect http://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/670555879 )
    Evan Raz 49:57

    Thanks very much

  14. Thanks for the message Michael. Sorry for the mistake. I have made the changes to results.

    Glad your family had a great time and enjoyed the race!! Hope to see you out to another race!

  15. Bryan Lamarche says:

    Fantastic event ! Everything exceeded my expectations. But that’s what Gilles Parisien and his multisport gang are known for !

  16. Glad you enjoyed it Bryan! Yes, Gilles and his team did an amazing job of putting on the race. Hope to see you at some more races in the series.

  17. Anonymous says:

    my time was 1h 1 min 20sec
    my girlfriend payd 30 $ for that race her name is not even there ?????
    you guys have alots to improve .
    you should think about a chip system

  18. Hello Anonymous,

    If you read the above post and comments you would realize that we indicated that we had some issues with the timing due to the massive number of last minute and race day entries, people changing events mid-race, and equipment issues.

    There were TWICE the number of participants in the race than what we had anticipated. Chip timing is nice, but is also very expensive and not something we could build into the race budget for this year in the early stages.

    We have already looked at a timing company for the Summerstown race, as well as next year’s Ignite the Night race.

    If you would like us to correct and add your results and your girlfriends results please send us your names. We are sorry for the timing issues, but hope that you will assist in being part of the solution for this year.

    Thank you,
    Derrick Spafford
    Series Coordinator
    Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series

  19. Gilles Parisien says:

    Hi Anonymous

    Would you please send me your results. parisiengl@sympatico.ca
    I will make sure they get posted and any correction made. I apologize if we missed both of you . I put these snowshoe race on simple because I’m extremely passionate about this sport. Timing has already been hired for my next race, I have listen to every comment made good and bad and act on what needs to be changed.’ You must understand that you were part of the largest snowshoe race in Ontario. that being said I totally didn’t expect those numbers to happen. I, like you, like to get what I pay for, I hope I gave you at least a little bit of your money’s worth. This race started with a vision and will grow with strength

    Thank you
    Gilles Parisien
    Race Director

  20. Anonymous says:

    To avoid any issue next year there should be any last minute swap because its to windy to cold to dark ect. Suck it up butter cup and run your race you signed up for.

  21. Jayson Terkuc says:

    For the record I would like to say again this race was amazing! Regardless of any timing errors (which can happen even with chip timing). The race coordinators/director have tried to fix any and all timing errors, mine included. One of the things I love about this series is the accessibility, low cost and overall enthusiasm found at these races. I certainly can tell that the people running these events have an obvious passion for this sport. Please keep up the great work! I for one couldn’t have been happier! And I will certainly be back again next year!



  22. Michael Raz says:

    I’m with Jayson on this. We fully enjoyed the race and all the atmosphere that went with it. I’ve had timing issues at much bigger (and more costly) road races with and without chips. When I asked for a correction (and provided the needed information), within ten minutes it was done. In the end, this was secondary to the fun, the experience and the people we met. Thanks to the organizers and all the volunteers.

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