La Sportiva Camera Project Advertisement in Canadian Running Magazine

La Sportiva Camera Project Advertisement in Canadian Running Magazine

iRanShao (2016)

Chinese running website iRanShao covered the Yukon Arctic Ultra and shared Derrick’s race experience there.

CBC TV (2016)

CBC TV Our Toronto did a segment (Feb 6 episode) on snowshoe running and racing. Derrick discussed what makes a good running snowshoe, the increased popularity of the sport and why it’s so much fun.

Boomer Nutrition (2016)

Jennifer Pinarski interviewed and quoted Derrick for her article Is Snowshoe Running Right for You? Embrace Winter and Try Something New. 

Limitless Pursuits (2015)

Derrick was interviewed about many different aspects of his running history and business.

Trail Running Canada (2015)

Derrick was quoted in two different articles on race directing and coaching. There was also a good article about Snowshoe Running and Dion Running Snowshoes from Spafford Health and Adventure.

Breathe Magazine (2015)

Derrick was quoted in this article asking the question why runners run long.

Up Here Magazine (2015)

Cold Hard Competition: Article about the Yukon Arctic Ultra that mentions Derrick’s 2012 race.

Fairchild TV (Jan 2015)

Derrick was interviewed for Canadian Chinese TV Network and their story on Trail Running in Ontario Parks.

iRun Magazine (Nov 2014)

Derrick provided tips about snowshoe running.

Kingston This Week – Not Your Traditional Snowshoe Experience (Dec 2013)

Derrick was interviewed about snowshoe running, racing and the Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series.

Journey to Success – Blog Talk Radio (Sept 2013)

Interview about coaching and Derrick’s running background.

iRun Magazine (Sept 2013)

Derrick offers advice about how trail running can benefit road runners. Photo

Canadian Running Magazine (July 2013)

An article about Derrick’s running streak of running every day since 1989.

iRun Magazine (June 2013)

Derrick contributed tips about racing faster on the road, while training on trails.

Canadian Running Magazine (April 2013)

Derrick was mentioned as one of the coaches in an article about Impossible2Possible. Derrick was also featured in a full page advertisement for La Sportiva as part of their Camera Project.

Distance Obsessed (March 2013)

Interview on Distance Obsessed podcast. (March 2013)

Article and interview about the 2013 Yukon Arctic Ultra in

Globe and Mail (Feb 2013)

Derrick was quoted in the Globe and Mail in an article about snowshoe running

Kingston Whig Standard (Feb 2013)

Article in the Kingston Whig Standard newspaper about Derrick running the Yukon Arctic Ultra.

Fringe Magazine (Dec 2012)

Article Derrick was interviewed about ultrarunning in Fringe Magazine .

Ultra Runner Podcast (Sept 2012)

Derrick was interviewed for

Reps Magazine (Aug 2012)

Derrick was quoted in Reps Magazine for an article on Fastpacking and Hiking.

Draft Magazine (Aug 2012)

An interview with Derrick in Draft Magazine discussing his running streak and love of beer.

Petzl NAO Experience (Aug 2012)

Derrick appeared on the Petzl Blog with his endorsement of the Petzl NAO

History Television (July 2012)

Sara and Derrick appeared on the series Canadian Made (Episode 13: Snow Crossings).

Trail Running Canada (June 2012)

An interview with Derrick on running, coaching and Spafford Health and Adventure for Trail Running Canada digital magazine. (May 2012)

Derrick was interviewed about ultra marathon running and the Yukon Arctic Ultra for

Trail Runner Magazine (March 2012)

Article by Meghan Hicks in Trail Runner Magazine on Fastpacking that Derrick was quoted in.

Breathe Magazine (February 2012)

Article in Breathe Magazine about the Yukon Arctic Ultra race results.

Globe & Mail (February 2012)

Derrick was quoted about the sport of snowshoe running in the Globe and Mail newspaper.

TV Cogeco (January 2012)

Derrick and Sara were featured in the four part TV documentary 26.2 and Beyond: A Marathon Journey.

Kingston Whig Standard and Napanee Guide (January 2012)

Article on Derrick preparing for the Yukon Arctic Ultra in the Kingston Whig Standard and Napanee Guide.

Get Out There Magazine (January 2012)

Derrick was interviewed by Get Out There Magazine as part of their video coverage of the Dion Frontenac Park Snowshoe Race.

Our Kingston (Sept 2011)

Our Kingston article on Six hot spots for Kingston trail runners

Kingston Life (Jan 2011)

Derrick was quoted in the Kingston Life Magazine article on the benefits of barefoot running.

Frontenac This Week 2009

Coverage in April 2009 after Rock and Ice.

Napanee Guide 2009

Coverage in April 2009 after Rock and Ice. Same story as above, additional photo.

Kingston Whig Standard 2009

March 2009 story on Sara and Derrick’s lead up to the 2009 Rock and Ice.

Kingston Whig Standard 2008

Follow up story in April 2008 about Derrick’s race.

Napanee Guide 2008

Story puslished March 2008 about Derrick’s preparations for the 2008 Rock and Ice.

Canadian Running

January 2009: Derrick is mentioned in Michal Kapral’s excellent story on the 2008 Rock and Ice Ultra, called Diamonds in the Rough: Between Rock and Ice and a Hard Place.


Derrick is quoted in the Summer 2009 issue about Killarney and the La Cloche Silhouette Trail.

Best Health

January 2009: Sara is quoted in a story by Bonnie Schiedel about the sport of snowshoe running. The article is online here.

Breathe Magazine

Interactive Breathing page in Winter 2007. We talk about which athlete we would like to be in our next race.

Kingston Life

Profiled in the Fall 2005 issue in an article about runners in the Kingston area.