Running with the Coyotes – Final run of 2013

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I had my final run of the year today and it was one of my favourite runs of the year. Sara and I decided to run at Frontenac Park as we hadn’t been there for a while. The snow was very icy, so snowshoes weren’t needed, but MicroSpikes were. We ran the trails to get to the tip of Big Salmon … [Read more...]

Ice Storm Running


Ontario was hit hard with a bad ice storm this past week. There are still a lot of homes without hydro. We got off lucky in Yarker and were essentially unaffected, but feel for the people trying to celebrate the holidays without power. I’m sure that in some cases it will be difficult, but in other … [Read more...]

Winter Footwear and Traction Devices


  For winter running, there is no such thing as poor footing, but just poor footwear choices! I’ve had a lot of questions recently about winter running, footwear and traction devices. Being someone who sticks to the trails all winter, I’m going to share with you my go to footwear … [Read more...]

Benefits of Snowshoe Running (video)

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Here is a great video (and accompanying article) by Canadian Running Magazine from last year about the benefits of Snowshoe Running and some helpful tips. Canadian Running Magazine (Published on Jan 24, 2013) Last Saturday, about 50 runners gathered on a crisp morning for a snowshoe race at … [Read more...]

Running Snowshoes: Why Dion Snowshoes are the Best!

snowshoe race Dion

I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently what makes Dion Snowshoes so good, how they are different from other brands and why I started selling them in Canada. Sara and I used to run trails all winter, but ended up in deep snow and really struggling to enjoy the trails during the winter months in … [Read more...]

i2P Peru Expedition


I have been involved with Impossible to Possible Expeditions and Experiential Learning Programs for the past few years. My involvement up until now has been mostly with helping to coach the Youth Ambassadors and get them ready for their expeditions. I was very excited however this year to be able to … [Read more...]

Sydenham Fall Trail Run – Results


  Congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2013 Sydenham Fall Trail Run held today in beautiful Sydenham, Ontario. Competitors were treated to an amazing fall day along the shoreline of Sydenham Lake on the Cataraqui Trail. The scenery was colourful, which made for especially … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Adventures and What’s Next


Thanksgiving isn’t usually the type of holiday that is a big deal around our house. Sure, we like to have a nice vegetarian meal with family, but more importantly it’s usually a good time to get outside and enjoy the fall weather with a long trail run. So, nothing much different than … [Read more...]

Keene Valley – Adirondacks


Sara and I have been longing to get some long trail runs in for quite some time. My ankle was certainly holding me back for a while, but now seems to be back in a great place. We had debated between going to Algonquin Park or the Adirondacks, but with the draw of the mountains always so great, we … [Read more...]

Frontenac Park Fall Colours


Today was a beautiful day to enjoy a trail run at Frontenac Park. I found myself wanting to keep adding on and running further, but in light of how I've felt these past few weeks, I kept it to just a relaxed loop of Big Salmon Lake.   … [Read more...]