Winter Footwear and Traction Devices


For winter running, there is no such thing as poor footing, but just poor footwear choices! I get a lot of questions about winter running, footwear and traction devices. Being someone who sticks to the trails all winter, I’m going to share with you my go-to footwear winter choices. Trail … [Read more...]

Snowshoe Running Tips


Joanne Richard of iRun Magazine interviewed me for her article A New Movement: Snowshoe Running. I also included some tips to help you get ready for the snowshoe running season. You can check out the article here. … [Read more...]

Boundless TV – Yukon Arctic Ultra Episode


We don’t own a TV and don’t tend to watch many TV shows online. I was however quite interested when I heard that the reality/adventure/endurance show Boundless was going to be filmed this past February at the Yukon Arctic Ultra in Whitehorse. In case you’re one of the few people who … [Read more...]

Journey to Success Blog Talk Radio Interview


I was interviewed today by Malcolm Anderson from Journey to Success on Blog Talk Radio about running coaching as well as about my running background. You can listen to the interview here. New Fitness Internet Radio with Ideas to Encourage and Inspire on BlogTalkRadio … [Read more...]

I2P Expedition Utah Training Plan


A huge congratulations to Impossible2Possible Expedition Utah Youth Ambassadors on their amazing recent accomplishment. It was a great privilege to work with this determined group of runners. The following is the running program that the Youth Ambassadors completed in their buildup to the … [Read more...]

Snowshoe running helps winter training

Photo Credit: Dave Caughey

Deen Karim of Canadian Running Magazine was at the Dion Frontenac Park Snowshoe Race on January 19, 2013 and posted this article on the Canadian Running Magazine website on the benefits of snowshoe running. Be sure to check out the video below as well that accompanied the article. … [Read more...]

La Sportiva Ultra Tips


  With the recent growth in popularity of ultra marathons, there is great information available about all aspects of our sport. As a running coach I have noticed a few areas that people tend to benefit most from having objective guidance. Here are some things that you might want to … [Read more...]

Impossible2Possible Tips

i2P 2

 I recently provided some running tips for the Impossible 2 Possible Student Challenge. Regardless of your running background, you may want to check out the tips at this link (see bottom of the page). While you're at it, check out all of the other great stuff happening at … [Read more...]

Tire Running for Strength

This is my setup for Tire Running with 'Bubba the Tire'

I’ve had quite a few people comment and email about the tire pulling that I’ve been doing during runs recently and thought that I’d share a bit more about why and how to do it. My main reason for adding tire pulling to my training was that we don’t have many hills and certainly nothing of … [Read more...]

5 Peaks Trail Running Series – Training Program

Kingston 5 Peaks

Winter is slowing coming to an end, and with that the beginning of the trail running season is just around the corner. Are you new to trails or wanting to make the switch to trail running? Need a program to get you ready for the trail running season? Check out my trail running tips and … [Read more...]