UltrAspire Surge Hydration Pack Review

Surge Hydration Pack (Back)

Having tried a number of hydration packs over the years, without a doubt the UltrAspire Surge is the best that I have used for trail and ultra running. Coming with a 2 litre bladder, this pack is super lightweight, breathable, has an extremely comfortable fit and has been designed with all the … [Read more...]

Gear Review: La Sportiva Quantum


Upon first look, I was prepared to think that the La Sportiva Quantum would not be a shoe that I would necessarily go to all that often. I have always liked the basic, low to the ground profile and exceptional traction of the Crosslites, so I thought that this was going to be a huge deviation for … [Read more...]

Review: La Sportiva Crosslite 2.0

CL-2.0 new

Having been a long-time member of the La Sportiva Crosslite Fan Club, I was a little surprised to see the release of the Crosslite 2.0 this spring. Afterall, I have run through 15 pairs of the original Crosslite, loved them, never blistered during a 100 miler with them and just couldn’t think of a … [Read more...]

Trail Running Soul: SJS3 Compression Sox Gear Review

The following is a review I did for Trail Running Soul on the SJS3 Compression Sox... I have to admit that when I first thought about trying compression socks I had a hard time with it as I kept having flashbacks to the 1980’s and runners wearing knee high tube socks. How on earth could they be … [Read more...]

Snowshoe Magazine Gear Review: GU Energy Gels

Nothing is worse when out on the trails for a long snowshoe hike or run than bonking. Bonking comes as a result of running out of fuel to your working muscles by not taking in enough calories during endurance events. This can range from a simple inconvenience that makes your snowshoe outing a … [Read more...]

Gear Review: Julbo Sunglasses

I had a strange thing happen yesterday during my run... A crazed bee on a mission flew up underneath my sunglasses. I've never had this happen before. I instinctively tossed my glasses off my head and onto the rocky trail. Fortunately I wasn't stung, as I can get a pretty bad reaction to stings. … [Read more...]