Rock and Ice UltraDo you have a dream goal?

With over 50 combined years of running, coaching and personal training experience between them, Derrick Spafford and Sara Montgomery of Spafford Health and Adventure have the extensive knowledge and background to help you achieve your goals!

Enjoy unique, customized, individual training programs catered to your ever-changing fitness needs.

Spafford Health and Adventure specializes in track, road, trail, ultra, mountain and snowshoe racing, in addition to preparing athletes for other epic events or adventures in the outdoors.

From the beginner runner looking to complete their first 5km, to the seasoned veteran working towards their next performance breakthrough, you can be sure you are receiving the coaching that will get you the results you desire!

westbrook snowshoe race-21-(ZF-1108-62341-1-005)Information and Credentials:

Is coaching right for you?…read our recent blog. To find out more about Derrick and Sara’s running background, qualifications and coaching experience, please check out their bio’s here.

Spafford Health and Adventure coaching clients receive:

Coaching Fees (HST/GST tax extra) :
Derrick Spafford – $155/month (First month $190/includes initial consultation, questionnaire and forms)
Sara Montgomery – $135/month (First month $165/includes initial consultation, questionnaire and forms)
~ Consultations also available. Please inquire.


Thank you card from SHA client Heather G. after she ran the Great Wall Half Marathon in China.

“I sprained my ankle in November, I was unable to run for 4 weeks.  Instead of sitting idly and freaking out about not being able to train, Derrick had me cross train on a bike, rowing machine and an elliptical climber at my gym.  I may not have been running but I was still able to train for the mountains and sand dunes of the Sahara and yes, MDS is a mountainous event. When I got back into running after Christmas, it only took a week of running to get to my regular mileage! Derrick has been my coach since August and here are some things I’ve learned:” (click here for full blog). – Baldish T.

“I started working with Derrick so that he could help me achieve my goal of completing a 50-mile ultra. From the begining, Derrick made every effort to understand my goals, get a sense for what other life obligations I had, and worked with me to exceed my wildest expectations. In the (relatively short) time Derrick has coached me, I have improved as a runner more then I thought was possible, and never has the training felt like a chore. Derrick’s love for running, especially on trails, is contagious.
Each workout assigned has a clear purpose, and Derrick always provides meaningful feedback and is happy to answer what can sometimes be a never-ending stream of questions.
I feel lucky to have Derrick as a coach, he pushes me while keeping running fun and I can’t imagine training for my next goal race without him!”
– Chris W.
“Hands down the best coach I’ve ever had supporting me in any of my life goals. Derrick is super-knowledgeable, experienced, down to earth and accessible. He has a rare ability to talk you through your fears, doubts and any self-limiting beliefs. He not only made me a better runner in my journey to running my first 50 mile race, he inspired me to be a better person. He’s wise. He’s real. And, as I told him after he led me through some really difficult spots, he’s simply an awesome human being!”
– Lori F.
“Sara, I really can’t thank you enough for all your support to date it has been actually life changing for me. Running has created a whole new level of confidence for me in my body, in my life…. I am learning much more gratitude for my body! A gazillion thank you’s to you!!!”
“Yay!!! Thank you!!!! Very happy with how it went, thank you so much it would not have been possible without you!!”
– Catherine C.

“When I came to Derrick last February I was a broken runner, or I felt like one. I had 2 DNF’s the previous year, and even though I continued to train, I was missing a run here and there and just felt bad about myself. After getting Derricks name from a friend of mine we hooked up. I was excited about running again.
It took a week or 2 to get used to Derricks program. First off I was not used to running on Crossfit days, in fact I was used to running only 3 to 4 days a week and never ran easy runs. It took a few weeks to find my groove and I missed some easy runs . But then I was full swing.
My first race was going to be ATB 30k, this a little after a month of being with Derrick. A PB was the last thing on my mind … In fact the only thing on my mind was my last DNF. I headed out with a steady pace just determined to finish strong, and to my surprise I ran a PB.
After that I decided a 5k would be fun, I needed to break my 23min .. I went out again with no high expectations and ran 21min 5k. Although the PB’s were great, the best part was Derricks workouts, every week was new and exciting workouts. I was excited to run everyday, even after a hard CrossFit workout!
Derrick is always positive and never let me get down on myself . Always put up with my crazy:) even on my first Mara with him I went to fast and had to walk, he only saw the good and the 2 min PB. I decided to stay with Derrick for another season and target another Mara, I wanted a New York qualifying time. I had so much fun training all summer and made PB’s at every race. I even surprised Derrick with my half time.
When Marathon time came Derrick sent me out with no pressure,and more prepared then I ever dreamed. An 11 minute PB:) so every race this year a PB..and with no injuries.
Derrick is a hands on coach, it is not unheard of for us to have several emails a day. He somehow knew how to tap in to all my potential, that I never knew I had. Always positive and even when I stray ( run more then I supposed to) he gently brings me back. I have been coached before but Derrick is by far the best coach I have ever had.”  – Diane T.

“Without your training plan I would not have attempted the Pittsfield Snowshoe Marathon in the first place, I would not have had that thread of hope to hold onto in the middle of it and I would not have had that great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of it.” – EJ (full blog)

“With Derrick’s excellent coaching and my commitment to training, I’ve made great strides and hit personal bests in every distance.” – Ben Y. (read more here)

“Derrick has guided me from an aspiring ultramarathoner to completing 50 miles faster than I ever thought possible.  He has made me a much stronger, smarter runner.  Derrick always has time to answer questions, respond to issues, and give input on ideas.  He’s a great supporter in addition to a coach. I have been truly lucky to work with him.” – Jennifer M.

“After knee surgery, I had a very difficult time training without over-training. Derrick gave me excellent, highly personal guidance based on his own experience with recovering from injury and carefully got me back into 24-hour adventure racing. He was able to tailor my training program to my unique personal needs, respecting my wishes to incorporate my commute by trail run or mountain bike, even when it was hard for him to work it in. Derrick is extremely quick to respond to any queries and makes me feel like I am his only client.” -Richard Ehrlich

“High School coach and good friend Derrick Spafford kept me involved in running through high school by putting less emphasis on training hard and more on having fun. Derrick believes that is a necessity for long-term development of young runners, and that’s why I still enjoy running today.” – Taylor Murphy 5,000m (14:32) & 10,000m (29:54) Canadian National Team Member

“I’d like to take the time to thank you. I am one of the many people you helped to realize I can run. I took the Learn to Run program in the Spring of 2003, and ran my first 5K ever… The Wolfe Island Classic. Before that, I had never run, jogged, barely walked, for that matter! I still continue to run on a regular basis. I am proud of myself, and have you to thank.” – Kimberly Fiset

“Your kind and caring style has inspired many people to take a much more proactive look at exercise, fitness and general well being. I personally know I would not have continued on to complete two half marathon and two marathons without your guidance and smiling personality meeting me each week or couple of weeks.” – Catherin Ernst-Spindler

“Where does one start with describing someone of such incredible inspiration and knowledge regarding fitness. I have known Derrick since I was a small child watching him run down a long country road in front of my house. The whole time struck with childlike awe. Who would guess that Derrick would inspire me to run and more than a decade later coach me for 5 years in high school and then on in university. Derrick has been a coach, mentor, motivator, and inspiration. Derrick has always been number one on my list of people to seek advice from, with regard to any running/fitness questions.” – Charley Murphy

“I have known Derrick for over 10 years now, as a coach, a training partner, an employer, a colleague, and a good friend. I can honestly say that Derrick is one of the most dedicated, down-to-earth, and interesting people I know. His knowledge and passion of running and the great outdoors ignited a fire in me, back in highschool (when Derrick coached our cross-country and track teams). He has been a great source of enouragement and motivation for me, and continues to be a role-model in my life. I can’t thank him enough.” – Joe Turner (running on a trail somewhere in New Zealand – circa 2005)