Trail Toes


Trail Toes is a specially designed anti-friction foot and body cream with the extreme athlete in mind, but intended for everyone.  It is engineered to protect your feet and body on every type of terrain, trail, road and weather condition regardless of how wet, dry, or hot it is.

Trail Toes will aid in reducing skin irritation, chaffing, hot spots, blisters, and help you conquer your most rugged adventures. Not only for feet, it’s also especially helpful for areas prone to chaffing like inner thighs, upper arms, bra lines and backpack areas.

In all my years of running and competing in extreme ultras and events, it is the best body cream I have found for ultra running.

Directions: Apply directly to skin. For shorter distances use about a finger tip size dollop to each side of foot and then between the toes. For longer distance double the amount. For the rest of the body that may be vulnerable to friction, blisters or chaffing, apply as needed.

3 Different options for Trail Toes!


Trail Toes Jar (2 oz):




Trail Toes Large Jar (4 oz):




Trail Toes Refillable Drop Bag Jar (12 g):



Trail Tape

Trail Tape

TRAIL TAPE: Phenomenal ultra-extreme anti-friction, chaffing, and abrasion tape

Designed for the ultra-Runner, made for everyone !

  • Medical quality and extremely durable
  • Latex free, body conforming, non-woven roll
  • Use in areas where there is concern for friction, chaffing, or abrasions
  • Can also be used to cover wounds or sensitive skin
  • Air and water permeable
  • Dependable and durable highly adherent adhesive
  • Store in Clean Dry Place
  • 5 cm X 10 meters .



Rock KT Tape

ROCK KT TAPE: Rock KT Trail Tape has multiple uses. It can be used in blister care, skin protection, and as a long lasting kinesiology tape!

  • Super adhesive, Elastic, Body
  • Conforming, Latex free,
  • Hypo-allergenic, Permeable
  • Foot and Body KT Tail Tape



Tire Trainer

TIRE TRAINER KIT: Running &/or Hiking while pulling a tire is an exceptional way to build strength whether you are training for a mountain race (especially if living in a flat area), expedition/expedition style winter race, or just looking to maximize your fitness. The Tire-Trainer is built to provide optimal comfort and minimal ‘jarring’ on your back to enable you to train more effectively.


  • S, M, L, XL 3″ fully padded weight belt.
  • 18″ bungee cord.
  • 85″ 3/8 inch rope
  • D-Ring Tire anchor system
  • Tire not included
Small (24-32″)(sold out until Feb)
Medium (32-38″)(sold out until Feb)
Large (34-42″)
XL (35-43″)