New Coaching Services Available


Spafford Health and Adventure is pleased to announce that we are expanding our coaching services! As many people may already be aware, my wife, Sara Montgomery, has been taking on coaching clients over the past few years and they have seen tremendous improvement in meeting and exceeding their … [Read more...]

Golden Ultra Training Tips


The Golden Ultra is a three day stage race being held for the first time this year in beautiful Golden, BC. Runners may participate solo in the stage race, as a relay team of three, or may register for any single stage individually. Day 1 - The Blood (5km uphill with 1000m of elevation … [Read more...]

Winter Footwear and Traction Devices


For winter running, there is no such thing as poor footing, but just poor footwear choices! I get a lot of questions about winter running, footwear and traction devices. Being someone who sticks to the trails all winter, I’m going to share with you my go-to footwear winter choices. Trail … [Read more...]

Coaching – Is it right for you?


With the increased popularity of ultra running over the past few years, there has been a tremendous amount of interest in athletes looking for information on the sport. Ultras, in general, seem to have a much wider variety of training and race nutrition approaches than for marathon-and-shorter … [Read more...]

i2P Botswana Updates


For those who haven't been following Impossible2Possible Africa Expedition, be sure to check out the daily updates. It's just amazing what the Youth Ambassadors are doing and accomplishing. Here is a great video summary from Day 4 of the expedition. Way to go guys! You're doing awesome! … [Read more...]

La Sportiva Ultra Tips


  With the recent growth in popularity of ultra marathons, there is great information available about all aspects of our sport. As a running coach I have noticed a few areas that people tend to benefit most from having objective guidance. Here are some things that you might want to … [Read more...]

Tire Running for Strength

This is my setup for Tire Running with 'Bubba the Tire'

I’ve had quite a few people comment and email about the tire pulling that I’ve been doing during runs recently and thought that I’d share a bit more about why and how to do it. My main reason for adding tire pulling to my training was that we don’t have many hills and certainly nothing of any … [Read more...]

5 Peaks Trail Running Series – Training Program

Kingston 5 Peaks

Winter is slowing coming to an end, and with that the beginning of the trail running season is just around the corner. Are you new to trails or wanting to make the switch to trail running? Need a program to get you ready for the trail running season? Check out my trail running tips and download … [Read more...]

Snowshoe Magazine: Ask the Coach – Maintaining Speed


My latest Ask the Coach column is now posted at Snowshoe Magazine featuring tips on maintaining speed during snowshoe running season. … [Read more...]

Winter Running Tips

Hobnails on Crosslites were the perfect combination for running on Norway Lake.

Runners who live in areas with harsh winters face the challenge of running trails in all kinds of bad weather including snow, slush, freezing rain and bone-chilling temperature and wind-chills. There are a few things to keep in mind during the winter months to enable you to run safely and enjoy the … [Read more...]